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    You have crush for someone, you really do feel for this person, but you guys are just friends,nothing more, you know this person likes you but cant figure out whether as a friend or wants something more just like you do. Sometimes you try your possible best to let go of your feelings for this person, but when you two come in contact with each other or talk on phone,these feelings rush back. Now someone is out there who seems to care, but this person is not your kind of person. The question here now is "Do you think what you feel for this person is real,or,if it is real,do you make the first move as a guy or lady or wait for this person to make the move first,so as not to disgrace yourself or should you just let go and go for the other person even if he or she is not your kind? Remeber we are talking about "LOVE" here.

    This question is to all my friends out there who as one way or the other experience this.