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Blog / Gardening Tips to Get Beginners Started

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 at 12:42

You'll find many great reasons to start your own garden and this article will show you how. Your first garden isn't an all or nothing proposition; start with a small garden and grow your garden as your gardening skills grow too. All gardeners begin somewhere and the best place to get started is to decide what you want to grow and dive right in.

Many people want to start a flower garden for the obvious reason that flowers are beautiful, smell nice and create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere around your home. With so many choices for flowers in your garden it's wise to look for native flowers in your region to get started.

But you should also invest a little time and planning to make sure that flowers throughout your garden get the right amount of sunlight. Many new gardeners choose to fill their gardens with a fair number of perennials because they will flower at the same time every year. Annuals are flowers that must be planted new each and every growing season in order to bloom. You should also choose flowers that go well with your home and property.

The cutest of small creatures can also be the gardeners mortal enemy because it ravenously feeds on their plants. Depending on local wildlife populations, your garden may be assaulted by hungry deer, rabbits, or even raccoons. Sometimes it only takes one hungry animal who discovers your garden to wreck it completely. A garden fence will go a long way towards solving this problem. The fence need not be taller than three feet to work effectively. You can easily find any number of widely available pest deterrents at your local home center.

Where you put your garden is essential to its success. The two factors that you need to consider are convenience and if it will help your plants grow. Always take into account each vegetable's sunlight requirement when choosing a location to put your garden. By having too much sunlight, or too little, it can affect the way that your garden grows. One thing that many people that are newbies never consider is the drainage for their garden. Poor drainage leads to crop failure if it is not taking care of immediately. It is most important, however, that you choose a location that makes gardening fun.

If you don't take action along with the planning for your perfect garden it will never be created. When you start small you'll have a sky full of limitless possibilities to work up to. Just remember that gardens are about work and play and be sure to include plenty of your favorite plants. Fill your garden with love and laughter by following these simple tips.



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