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Me, pissed that i died my hair blue that week. Yes, most have probably seen this on yahoo or google, that is because my friends made a video on emo's and posted everything on the internet, if you don't believe me, then simply don't say anything about i

19 October 2006

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  • 27

    anthonyemo 6 November 2007

    haha gud 1 but i think u r a fake that pic looks like a cartoon n a lot o people have it

  • 27

    Gothchick6969 7 August 2007

    love the hair and love the lip ring.

  • 26

    BlackxOut 10 April 2007

    I <3 your shirt

  • 25

    xXxBoOjxXx 31 March 2007

    thats pretti smexii
    i had my hair a similar colour to that.... i got told off at skool


  • 118

    Defective_m0del 29 March 2007

    V. Cute.

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