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I Like writting Lyrics and Poems, Graphic Designing AND having new friends . ( BeTTeR tO kNoW MoRe UrSeLf )
Check my clan http://en.netlog.com/clan/Designz its for Graphic Designs and you gonna find wallpapers,Posters,ADVs,Interfaces, etc provided by a netlog users . COME ON

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TN City (Al Gharbiyah)
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Professional web & Graphic designer/coder (Freelancer)
Chattin,Hangin out,Writing poetry and Playing Billiards
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I'm not telling you anything
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thanks alot ya ahmad 3la your nice gift
so kind of u :)

posted by lonely_sasoo_heart
22 May 2010

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Say a wisdom or advice .

[b]Say a wisdom or advice you've learned it from your life experiences, Be sure that your wisdom or advice reflect your personality to whom reading it.

شاركنا بحكمة او نصيحة تعلمتها من تجارب الحياة .. كن …

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