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Eloo well am new too this duno how to work it at all lmaoo!1 i had myspace&Facebook but i got hacked so fort i wud try this out lmao!!
Well gunna make this short n sweet cus i can chat on with me self lmaoo:)
My names Danika stevenson
From Liverpool Yeaa Boii:)
16 and no i can not wait till am 17 :):)
Go to college loving it kidda coll with all the girlss n daa dirr:):)
I got a Fab Boyfriend hu i love to bits dunoo what i wud do with out himm he been dir 4 me though thick and thin and always will bee:) Been with im since 28.10.09 you do the maths ayy:)
Soo am not here 4 a boyfriend here to make new mates ahah:):)
Got the bestest mate evaa dunoo where i wud be with out here new here 4 10 and half years and many more to cum she is always dir 4 me and am dir 4 here she sticks by yaa like i duno wott but were soo closee we call eachother sister:):)
But people get jealours and try and spit use upp butt we knoww de need to grow upp n daa:)

Iff you wonna Knoww what i look …

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Danika <3 Stevenson
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