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male - 27 years, kent, United Kingdom
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About me

im a really sporty person and love to meet new ppl :) :) :) :) :) and i play county level in most sports!!

shooting is a must do!! just love the wounderful creation!

semi- professional cricketer for kent!! professional next year fingers crossed!!

fuckin love goin out and gettin absoultly FUCKED !!!
the best places to go in kent have to be STRAWBERRY MOONS on a Saturday night, also most of the bars round kent are top draw, the main ones (Mugs, ME1, MooMoo's, Sauce Bar and loads others they know who they are!!) top work dancey, chicken, james!!

cant beat a bit of RAVING up Londons Brixton Academy!!

im currently studin a Public Service National Diploma, at Mid-Kent College is sooo gd!!
must say i love the physical side to it !!
love the press-ups as welll haha must do like 1000 a week lol

im fuckin hench!!
do i need to go on!

so any fit girls out there add me as a friend or leave me a Private message !!! :) :) :)

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Matthew Coles
Date of birth
kent (Kent)
United Kingdom
Native language
Public Services ND/PROFESSIONAL CRICKETER!! (Student)
Looking for
  • Relationship
RAVING !!!, Workin Out, Rugby, Cricket all sports really
Love status
I fancy

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thanks for the comment,
nice to see you ;P
hope that you're well at all :)


posted by Kinga_810
6 April 2009

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