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female - 23 years, Union, United States
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About me

My Name Is Chelsea Marie Elder & I Am 15 I Live In Union County & Go To Union County High School Im A Sophmore Woah. . .Um I Have Lots Of Friends & Well A Great Boyfriend But If You Wanna Know More Just Ask!

More about me
Chelsea Elder
Date of birth
Union (Kentucky)
United States
Native language
Student (Student)
Four-Whellin. . .Muddin. . .Spendin Time With Friends. . .& Josh. . .Talkin On The Fone. . .&Internet
Love status
In a relationship

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SITUATION - variant of rabies (see all blogs blogs, photos) y

Monster Chinese society is changing, human suffering (hybrid monster beast cattle dog and pig hybrid monster) variant rabies, mad cow disease mutation and cross-infection "pig …

posted by fjzzhhj71220
15 September 2014

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