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Well Hi, :) Im Caitlin, but everyone calls me Caitie. I am 17 years old, and in grade 12. I have blondeish-red hair and blue eyes, and glasses. Im not very tall about 5'5. I love to play any sports, but my favourites are Volleyball, Soccer, and Badmonton. Im really into theater and musicals and all that jazz its soo much fun. My favourite movie(s) are Rent, the Guardian, and all the Disney movies. My bestest friend in the whole world Pam, she is awesome and i love her, she is like a sister to me. But i really do have a sister and 2 brothers. I have 3 cats, and a dog. Well if there is anything else just ask.

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Cailtlin Hooper
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Courtenay (British Columbia)
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26 August 2013

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