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  • Can i Be Keeping Up With The Joneses?

    Staging is essential to selling your home inside the San Fernando Valley real estate area!

    In case you are residing in the San Fernando Valley of California and so are intending to sell your property, you may want to consider one simple question. Must i be maintaining the Joneses?

    Everybody knows that familiar saying. Where it originated, I really don't know. But a few things i can say for sure is when you need to sell your own home fast and for a high price... not only do you have to take care of the Joneses... however, you have to pass them up.

    Take a look around and find out the number of homes in your area, or even on your street, are available. Do any of these homes compare to yours? In that case... this is the time to out-do your neighbor. When i state out-do your neighbor, What i'm saying is decide to do what it takes to offer your house before they are doing. Pass by the Joneses.

    As the quantity of properties for sale outweighs the amount of buyers, what it takes how to sell your own home in any of the San Fernando Valley real-estate areas, is to contain it successfully staged. You have to stay ahead of another home for sale. You need to attract every one of the senses with the buyer.

    Staging your own home won't only mean doing minor repairs, doing away with clutter, or remodeling. You really your own home inviting, appealing, and comfortable. Whenever you stage your house correctly, you can anticipate great outcomes.

    In today's market, staging your property can cost you from your few hundred dollars a number of thousands depending on the location, size, and value of your home. Consider it as a short-term, high-yield investment that may provide an equal or greater return in just months.

    Whether you rely on someone else or discover that your real estate professional are designed for this unique task, sellers need to comprehend and believe that staging your property is vital to selling your property.

    So... i hear you ask yourself... "What does staging home mean?" Winnie Davis, the President of SRAR (Southland Regional Association of Realtors) states that once the decision has been given to stage your own home, it could be carried out in a few days.

    A number of the techniques employed to stage homes can be as simple as:

    Removing unnecessary circumstances to create an more open feel
    Moving furniture or replacing it to generate themes which are comfortable and welcoming
    Improve lighting by drawing back curtains, open blinds, adding brighter light bulbs or add lighting where necessary.
    Playing music while you're away and your house is being trained
    Implement minor touch ups like paint, rug cleaning or perhaps the simple task of pruning your bushes or trees

    Many of these tasks, and even more are issues that are essential to selling your property in the shorter timeframe as well as a premium price. So my suggestion and recommendation just isn't to just take care of the Joneses but to pass them up and wave as you're passing by.

    If you're planning to offer your own home in any of the San Fernando Valley real estate communities for example Encino, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks or Van Nuys, send an email today. I've a proven seller's marketing plan that can guarantee a prosperous sale.

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