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Bonny Mark Alinga, a man who is so generous has learnt a lot from people just watch this space:
There are many things that have shaped me into the person that I am. Whether they are life experiences or people that I have known or even just lessons that others have taught me, they have all helped, in one way or another, to mold me into the person that I am.
I have experienced many things in life that others of my age have not. This is in part due to the extensive amount of challenges I have faced since I was a little kid. All of these have shown me the differences between the people of our world.
They have also shown me how alike everyone is and how we should help our fellow brothers and sisters, not because of how they hate the same people we hate, or have the same political agenda that we do, but rather because we are all the same people at heart and that helping our fellow man is just as important as helping ourselves. That every person, no matter how seemingly unimportant …

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