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female - 30 years, Ellensburg, United States
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PHYSICALLY: 5"3, average weight, brunette/blonde/red hair, blue/green eyes.
PERSONALITY: i am a pretty laid back person, but i am also out-going. i could enjoy a night out on the town with the girls, or i could enjoy a night inside watching movies. i have heard that i am funny, so i guess there is something. i come up with pretty good comebacks, which leads to me being a smartass, just like my mother. i am very smart (not meaning to TOOT my own horn :) ) but i hear it from others, that i am very knowledgable.
HOBBIES: i love movies. oldies, newbies, inbetweenies. i also enjoy music. anything from pop to jazz. :) i love horseback riding, learned when i was little. i LOVE LOVE LOVE NASCAR! i come from a racing family. i love everything about cars. my mom used to be on a pit-crew, and i am pretty proud of that.
LIKES/DISLIKES: i HATE spiders(cliche i know) i dislike brussel sprout. i LOVE seattle. i like music. i like reading....well i cant name everything, like i said i am …

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Elizbeth Rummie
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Ellensburg (Washington)
United States
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Dancing, Clubbin, Partying, Singing, Hanging w/ friends, Writing, Journaling, Myspacing, Riding, Camping, Anything!
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I fancy

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