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female - 28 years, Port Talbot, United Kingdom
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About me

Hiyaa the name is Leanne. Im 17 and cant wait 2 pass my drivin test.
i love - Drinkin, spendin time wiv Chris.
i hate - fuckers and chuckers, rain, bordem, not avin alcohol.

I love all the girls
Jade - tha legend, makes me laugh all tha time, wot a gr8 gal and an awesome friend bit of a slag (only joking) loves ya bbz
Jodie - the moaner 24/7 but a great friend some1 i can always rely on.
Abby - My drinkin partner wa an alcoholic, makes me laugh and cry, also a great friend and a great personality.
Steph no fanny - Great gal glad 2 c she has finally settled not the wild child she used 2 b.
Jodie F - Havnt seen her 4 about a month nw miss her loads and marley great gal can tell her everything give some gd advice awell.
Danielle - the wild and the wicked, was a wild child but nw has settled, was my old drinkin partner from the age of 12.
Gemma - the biggest alcoholic i know, tell her anything and she gives some awesome advice. miss u wen u leave.

Wel got nufin left to say …

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Leanne Lewis
Date of birth
Port Talbot (West Glamorgan)
United Kingdom
Native language
barmaid and student (Student)
Partying / Talkin / avin a laugh wiv m8s
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In a relationship

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