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Friday, 4 May 2012 at 09:31

There is some sort of clean simplicity, an exotic elegance about the place.

The apartments vary in dimensions, but all have master bedrooms, with bathrooms ensuite. You can find telephones and air health and fitness. Since they are privately owned, there are different brands of dé cor, and some are much nicer than others. Numbers 41, 1 out of 3, 54 and # 65 are well appointed and comfy. Each apartment has a terrace and a few have lovely views down across the water. A few have confidential outdoor Jacuzzi

The landscaping and swimming pool deserve special mention. Driveways wander down through flowering rock gardens and turf, creepers climb up rooms and drape over balconies. This large contoured pool is glorious, with a swim up bar, unheated Jacuzzi and great views in the harbour. Next to the share under a thatch roof could be the sit-up Lido bar with a selection of snacks and light dishes.

Other facilities at the Mombasa north coast beach hotel:

Air conditioning, telephone connection to 26 hour switch board, fax facility, fully serviced apartments, swimming pool with Jacuzzi and local stores.

Severin Sea Lodge- Mombasa Kenya

This is one of the larger hotels on Bamburi beach. It has a rambling layout and some unique features such as a dhow restaurant moored on a little stream, and a conference center which resembles an Islamic mosque. There are actually two swimming pools and then a high thatched rondavel bar which sports game trophies.

The rooms are in two or three story white washed bungalows with thatched roofs. The rooms are better than average-all with mini-bar, telephone and air conditioning. The 90 new comfort rooms, each with one double then one single bed, have Lamu-style furniture and nice bathrooms with double sink and hairdryer. Most rooms are problem from the sea, nevertheless standard rooms 400 and 402, and comfort bedrooms 177 and 178 get good ocean views. There is a busy entertainment program with water polo to jazz bands.
If you are in need of an apartment to rent in Raleigh NC people have bad credit, a prior broken lease, a bankruptcy or even a felony or misdemeanor, you may be very well be dissmissed off. This is the frustration that is facing many people who propose to consider apartment housing in the largest city in NC without good people's credit reports or rental history. Within the last few decades, apartment complexes have stiffened their qualification requirements for new tenants and tend to be not insisting on near-perfect credit before processing an approval.

The fact that there is poor credit or some sort of problematic rental history fails to automatically mean that every single apartment in Raleigh can disapprove you; but it can do mean that things is going to be tougher for you in way of finding an accommodating local rental manager. You may ought to search harder and longer and many applicants in this category actually wind up giving up. If you are in Raleigh and need decent apartment units but your credit is less than flattering, here are a few places to look:
<li> Higher education Park </li> <li> Beckana </li> <li> Brentwood </li> <li> Cameron Village </li> <li> Mordecai </li>
<br> </ul>
As we mentioned, if you search diligently enough, there will be a flat or two which is to be willing to work with you.

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