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female - 23 years, United Kingdom
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About me

Name- Angela Harvey but Angie will do

Age- 17, not legal but hu gives a shit

Lives- Dumfries

Status- Taken so hands awf boiz u cn look bt nt touch hehehehehe

Skool- Left th shithole at last

Loves- spendin tymz way m8z, drinkin, partyin, ben loud & basicly havin a banter

Msn- ask 4 it. she duzy bite that hard hehe

x X x X x X x X x X x

More about me
Angie Harvey
Date of birth
(Dumfries and Galloway)
United Kingdom
Native language
Looking for
  • Friendship
  • Relationship
Love status
Married to Loren Rammell

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heyyy holla at my number bbe

posted by G_U_B_S_9_3_
18 November 2010

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1. wats ur name

2. wat age r u

3. are we close

4. wat do u think of me

5. would u date me if i was single

6. wat was ur first impresion on me

7. do u love me

8. do u hate me

9. anythin u wnt 2 say be4 u go?

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