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    The_Hazel_Eyez 13 October 2008

    wasssupp mann
    long tymmmm!!!
    hope ur kl n dat x

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    run2run 25 April 2007


    Would you kindly check out

    And let me know what you think?

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    xnatx07 6 December 2006

    oo look hu it isss......finally stole ma hubby off me eh.... :) :) :) hahahaha nevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... :) now i will force er 2 cum 2 wellin wid meeee hehe!!! soooo wat u been up ta.....APARt frm stealin ma hubby!!!

    natalie x :)

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    xnatx07 25 November 2006

    lol yea i am right u!!! oi mr vbig mouth aving 2 cause trouble between me n ma hubby!! told u shed beat im all black n blue coz of u :) :) :) SHIT STIRRER!!!! hahahaha...u musta wasted loadsa ur credit last nyt!!!! yep im guna force er 2 cum down wid me:) ....ill drag er by her hair!!!
    natalie x :) :)

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    xnatx07 23 November 2006

    nah im sure it was dere...u mustnt of been lookin!! n der was a heart as well! i normaly cum down dere every 2 weeks but not reacently cos i cba...its loooong! nah i dnt need 2 use ma hubby.....ive got her on lock lmaooooo!!! nah jkssss if she reads dis she'll beat meeee:) it wud b nyc not cumin on ma own 4 once tho u caught me out dere! but shes def guna cum down 2 da S.E sooon wid meee whether she likes it or noot!!
    natalieeeee x

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    xnatx07 23 November 2006

    lmaooo!! now we even sound alike in messages!! nah im veeeeeery sure she looves meee....ask er!!! lol i didnt go dis year either but i went last year as well!! ow strange! i fort dey were quite gud...da smily face in da air n dat!! or mayb dat was just me :) lol u no u want er 2 cum 2 ur ends!! hehe! :)
    nataliee x

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    xnatx07 22 November 2006

    lool of course its all gud fings :)!!! Yeeee u beg frienddd jkzz!! Carmel just loves me 2 must she cnt help but b jelous:) :) (haha i no ur guna read dis mel mel!) hehe :) .....yea i no mcd's yuup e lives near da kiwk fit lik danson park! do u go fireworks dere...coz dere well gud!! lol dat was wen im next down dere i may av 2 bring carmellly wid meeeee :)
    natalie x

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    xnatx07 21 November 2006

    dis is da famous aaron i hear so much baat....nah im jks she dnt talk DAT much baat u:) n even knows where ma dad lives loool!! n i spoke 2 u on da fne...i fink not 2 sure!! so wher baats in wellin do u liveee???
    natalie x