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female - 19 years, United Kingdom
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      O4|O5|1995. Jamie WEAVER'♥
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GIRLS + BOYS welcome to have a chat with me im pretty friendly but i dont read my privet messages so please dont send them me,

& err.. whats with all these girls with slutty pictures of themself, no respect +o( ( Put it awaay!!)

im straight,im straight,im straight,im straight,
im straight,im straight,im straight,im straight,
im straight,im straight,im straight,im straight
not sending any pictures so dont ask!    
-average teenager drinks Till i drop partys the night away,

don't like me, aaah well i probleч dont like чou either, so don't worrч,
im not perfect & don;t i know it ,
ilivefortheWeekend, !


         Single - always falls for the pricks

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Jamie weaver
Date of birth
(2 weeks to go)
(Hereford and Worcester)
United Kingdom
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- YourEveryDream:
Thanks for the add and comment love :)

it's alright :). your gorgeous tbh, had to be said. x

posted by 3Jamieweaver
4 November 2009

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a bit about me.
you probley guessed the name, im sixteen come from hereford, im currently singel wish i do hope to change that mind you i dont date people who dont live close to me because theres no point, im on here prue because i get …

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